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Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: New City Kosher Deli & Restaurant

36棋牌New City Kosher Deli & Restaurant
Don't judge this book by its cover! 
When we lived in Queens, we were spoiled by all the great restaurants of many different cultures within walking or subway distance. German, Italian, Greek, Polish, Lebanese, Portuguese--you name it, we ate it! Now that we're in Rockland, my husband makes it a point to find Rockland's own exotic fare, places that never existed or I never knew existed when I was growing up here.

Now, a Kosher deli is neither new or exotic, but I never even had a pastrami sandwich until I was out of college! The first time I ate at Katz' in New York and later Ben's in Queens, I was pretty blown away by what I was missing. I never even considered I could find a Kosher deli of that caliber in Rockland, but is just that. (A big thank you to the tracking device for good food in Matt's stomach!)

I was pleasantly surprised when the restaurant owner chatted with us when we walked in and how we were served complimentary pickles and delicious, subtly spicy coleslaw when we were seated (who offers free stuff anymore?) The service was quick and friendly, and our meal was so yummy.

We started off with three giant, crispy-sinful potato pancakes with applesauce. Matt had a pastrami and corned beef sandwich combo with Russian dressing on rye ($12.75), and I chose a New City Twin: one soft dinner roll with pastrami and another with corned beef, served with potato salad ($12.50). The meats were just delicious. The pastrami, particularly, was thin and melt-in-your-mouth good. Combined with the soft dinner roll, I really think it was the best pastrami sandwich I've ever eaten! And, I liked the subtly flavored potato salad too--and this Italian girl generally does not eat potato salad with mayonnaise.

Our bill came to about $45 dollars with sodas, appetizers and sandwiches, so this is no $5 footlong type of place, but you are getting real quality for your dollar at New City Kosher Deli. So, go on and head over for a taste of your own. And, while you're at it, get some takeout for me!

282 South Main Street
New City, NY 10956

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Makeovers & Skin Care Samples at Bare Escentuals Palisades Center This Friday-Sunday!

boutique at the ! I've been curious about Bare Escentuals products since first seeing the Bare Minerals advertisements on TV years ago--I'm even watching a QVC Bare Escentuals program right now and literally squealing with anticipation on the inside. I'm SO ready to bust out of the new-mommy no-makeup rut I've been in and I've wanted to acquire a quality, grown-up makeup stash for a long time now (Andrew deserves a beautiful, confident mommy, no??)

Have any of you tried Bare Escentuals before? Have you gotten the hang of spelling of their name? Haha. Seriously, though, I'd love to hear about your experiences. I'm really hoping this makeup is going to be the answer to my "I have no idea what to do with my face" prayers.

Or, if you're curious about the makeup line and want to nab some free skincare samples this weekend too, you can call 845-353-1394 to make an appointment and report back here alongside me. Hope to see you in the next makeup chair!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Trial Kids Music Classes in Rockland this Week!

is offering free hour-long trial classes in Rockland this week before the start of their Winter 2012 classes on January 11th. While I'm not completely certain what the classes entail, the website explains:

"We offer morning, evening and Saturday classes consisting of 6-12 children ages 0-6 years old and their parents/caregivers. Each semester features a new musical theme with CD/Songbook, consists of ten 45 minutes long classes once each week that include songs, chants, small and large movement, dance, instrument play, games and craft activities. In addition to hands-on instrument play your children will be introduced to the instruments of the orchestra, a wide spectrum of musical styles/artists/composers from classical to funk and spend time learning about foreign languages through music of other countries."

We're heading over on the 4th to check out the class in New City and will report back to you. OR, you can join us by heading on over to their  to register for one of the many free trials offered January 4th-10th:

Wednesday - January 4th - 9:30 am
New City, NY 
Germonds Presbyterian Church
39 Germonds Road

Thursday – January 5th - 9:30 am 
Tallman, NY
Tallman Bible Church
280 Route 59

Thursday – January 5th - 7:00 pm
Pearl River, NY
Beth Am Temple
60 East Madison Avenue

Friday – January 6th - 9:30 am
Pearl River, NY
Beth Am Temple
60 East Madison Avenue

Saturday – January 7th - 9:30 am
New City, NY 
Germonds Presbyterian Church
39 Germonds Road

Tuesday - January 10th - 12:30 pm
Oakland, NJ 
Messiah Lutheran Church
228 Ramapo Valley Road 

An 11-week class (12 weeks if you count the free class) costs $209.00 plus a $15 non-refundable new family registration free. An additional class for the same child or a class for a sibling costs an extra $150. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We love Lawrence Farms!

My pumpkin hanging with some pumpkins
behind the Lawrence Farms store
Ok, ok, I'll stop sleeping and eating for a second to post a promised review! Seriously, I do miss posting here more often and keeping up with all my wonderful blog friends, but I didn't remember how rough the first trimester was. And, it sure does makes a huge difference having an energetic boy to watch over this time around!

That said, amid all my eating and sleeping we did make it out to in Newburgh, NY for some apple and veggie picking at the end of last month. And we had a blast! The place is huge and though there were a lot of other folks there, at times it felt like we were wandering through the farm alone (which was so lovely and peaceful). Even somewhat late in the season, there was a good variety of veggies, pears and apples to choose from. And I really loved that everything was labeled so nicely so that you could pick and choose what to gather. Also, most everything could be picked while standing on the ground, which meant no need to wield huge picking poles while wrangling children!

In the cabbage patch
We didn't think ahead to bring a wagons or apple bags, but both are available for a small rental fee on-site. Also on-site were the most delicious apple cider donuts ever, an adorable farm store, a food stand for lunch and picnic tables (quickly-filled), some horses, two huge friendly dogs, and other animals to admire, a hay maze, and a play area filled with adorable kid-sized playhouses--a horse stable, firehouse, church and more!

We will definitely be returning to Lawrence next year--probably in the summer as well to pick more vegetables. The whole experience was definitely worth the ride upstate--and the naps we all needed to take afterward!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its Apple Picking Time!

in Pomona, NY, which are about a 10-minute drive from my parents' house. We went in late September, and there were plenty of delicious apples to pick. It wasn't crowded at all either, which was a nice bonus, and they didn't mind if you bit into an apple or two while picking (awesome!) And, of course, the orchard has its own country store which sells pies, ciders, and apple cider donuts among other things. 

It really shaped up to be a great apple-picking experience right in our own backyard. Check out their website for their apple & pumpkin picking schedules, events schedule, and more.

This year we're heading a bit farther away to pick apples because we've been invited by family friends and we like to try new things! At the end of this week we're heading up to  in Newburgh, NY to pick apples, pears, sweet corn, and lots of other fresh produce. I am told that there are animals on the farm to pet (but not the horse--he bites!) and adorable wooden play houses for the kids to run through. I really can't wait for our visit, and I'll be sure to post about it soon after.

In early October, we'll be heading to the  in Warwick, NY. Not only does this location offer apple-picking and 36棋牌-brewed ciders (alcoholic and non), but they have hayrides and live music and puppet shows on the weekends (check ahead for schedules). I'm looking forward to our visit there as well and will definitely report back...with pictures!

So, where do you do your apple-picking? And, do you have amazing apple recipes to send me? I'm going to have bags full and I promised my dad a delicious apple pie (don't let him down!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simply Awesome Play/Birthday Venue: The Playroom in Nyack, NY

Andrew's favorite: the ball pit! 
My mother, Andrew and I stumbled upon just after its grand opening in July. This place is the Shangri la of indoor play places--much smaller than Wee Play in Nanuet, but a million times cleaner and brighter (and more fun for caregivers too).

Lauren, the owner and a Rockland local, has thought of everything to make The Playroom the best indoor play destination in Rockland. From the cheerful walls which were painted by local college students to resemble Dr. Suess illustrations to the fun Kids Bop playing in the background and the amazing toys (a ball pit, 36棋牌, a bouncy castle, a huge sandbox, and more.) There is also a great space for parties which start at $250 for 10 kids (contact the playroomnyack@gmail.com for details). With the sandbox and large castle rock wall and slide to the back, I'd say babies through kids age 10-ish will have tons of fun at this venue.

Check out the photo gallery and drool!

What's more, there's a lounge dedicated to caregiver comfort, complete with comfy leather couches, a flat screen TV, and a Keurig coffeemaker. (Drinks and healthy snacks are also available for the kids for a fee.) And while it is such a pleasure watching over your little one in such free caffeinated luxury, at certain times The Playroom will be offering drop-off childcare services and staff members to play with your little ones so you can take it even easier!

Seriously, I am over the moon in love with The Playroom and, more importantly, so is Andrew! Andrew had a ball, and I was just so impressed at how friendly Lauren was and how clean the facility was (the bathroom changing table actually was stocked with liners--a rarity!) Entry is $15 for the day and you can come and go as you please from 10am-6pm daily. You can also buy a monthly pass for $65 until September 1st and special deals come along with that (guest passes, a t-shirt, etc.)

Check the Playroom out online  or on  and do contact them directly for more specifics about memberships and parties. Speaking of... I better get a move on and book Andrew's 2nd birthday party there before you all book the place up!!

68 Main Street
Nyack N.Y. 10960
36棋牌Phone: 845.512.8265

Friday, May 20, 2011

Check out Rockland Mother's new events calendar!

Since moving back to good ole Rockland County, I've found that there are a ton of local events worth checking out. So, from here on out, I'll be keeping track of events that catch my eye on Rockland Mother's Local Events Calendar. I hope you'll pop on over to the calendar and find an event that you and your family will enjoy.

If you are a local business with an event that you'd like considered for the calendar--or a reader who simply knows of a great happening going on in Rockland or the nearby beyond--please shoot me an email at rocklandmother@gmail.com.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at an awesome event soon!