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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Product Review: Motherhood Maternity Short Sleeve Lift Up Double Opening Nursing Tee

Finally, a nursing shirt that doesn't stretch out at the neckline to the point of indecency... and its cute too!

I begged my mother for nursing shirts as a birthday gift and she hit the jackpot with this $25 pink Motherhood Maternity number. It is figure flattering (its long and ruched on the sides) and, most importantly, made of a thick, stretchy cotton that doesn't sag at the bust. What's more, the neckline is high enough to cover a full-coverage nursing bra. Hallelujah!

Getting the hang of breastfeeding in this shirt did take me a couple of tries. Contrary to being called a "lift up" shirt, you actually have to pull down the top layer to expose a cropped lower layer. You then pull up the lower layer on one side, unhook your bra and voila.

Of course, doing this with one hand while hanging on to a squirmy, hungry baby with the other can be interesting--but I'm willing to brave that challenge for a shirt that doesn't sag down to my navel by the end of the day. Just remember to pull the lower layer of the tee down when you are finished breastfeeding to avoid bunching.

Motherhood Maternity makes the same exact tee in a more muted grey design for $30 and I'm thinking of getting my hands on one of those as well. Its really been a struggle finding tops that make me feel comfortable both with my larger post-pregnancy body and my breastfeeding needs, so I need to pounce on quality items like this when they cross my path!

Thank you, Motherhood Maternity! I know they can be hit or miss with their products, but this one is totally a hit in my book!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Product Review: Old Navy Nursing Tanks

UPDATE: Well, after numerous wears and washes, I need to take back my mostly positive review of this tank top. At this point, by the end of the day, the scoop neck of this top stretches down to my stomach! I can't wear this shirt in public anymore, so it has been downgraded to weekend, lounge-around-the-house wear. Bah!

After buying maternity clothing, I really didn't want to spend money on a whole new breastfeeding wardrobe as well... but the fact is, I am finding it absolutely necessary to buy at least a few pieces! Contrary to what I had hoped, I have only so many button-down shirts that fit my new breastfeeding body (read: humongous boobs) and I'm getting tired of wearing tanks under shirts that need to be pulled up. So... off to OldNavy.com I went!

Old Navy's selection for nursing clothes is REALLY slim, but I did pick up two of their , which I'm happy with. The pink color on the right is one of three colors offered at $12.50. I also picked up a muted blue color for $14.50.

The good: I feel like a human being in this shirt. Its long length covers and slims the parts of me I'm not so happy with post-baby and the layered top is stylish rather than screaming "I breastfeed!" I wear this tank with a hip-skimming jacket, a long necklace and sunglasses and feel like a celebrity mom... without the money, makeup artist and personal trainer of course!

The bad: Like all nursing tops, the tank gets stretched out as the day goes on. My current nursing bras () are full coverage, so they peek out just a bit at the neckline if my shirt shifts late in the day. A quick readjustment, though--or a sexier nursing bra--and all is well.

The reviews on ON's website lament that the shirt is too long (I disagree) and sized too large (I agree), so go ahead and order a size smaller.

Happy shopping and happy spring!

Product Review: Leading Lady Molded Stretch Pad Nursing Bra

A while back, I I'd review my Leading Lady nursing bras once I had given them a test drive. Well, test drive achieved--they are two of the only three bras that I can wear these days!

I ordered two from Amazon.com for $23.62 each, and, for that price, I am quite pleased. The bra is supportive, not hideous, and looks great under clothing (comparable to my $38 Victoria's Secret bras--ridiculous!). It is very easy to breastfeed in, allowing for one-handed clasping and un-clasping. And, despite some minor fraying around the cup connector clasps, they've help up very well in the dreaded laundromat washer and drier.

On the downside, the bra is full-coverage, which is great for support but not great for remaining hidden under low necklines, and only goes up to DD. Also, the stretchy fabric under the cup (which allows you to pull the molded cup down and still keep your bra on) gets pulled out of shape and tends to play peek-a-boo as well. I also have to re-clasp the cup very slowly so it doesn't make a loud SNAP! and wake my little light sleeper!

And, while the cups are indeed molded, I personally need to wear breast pads for nipple coverage--but I think most nursing mothers are wearing pads for leakage anyway, so this really isn't a negative in my opinion.

Overall, despite some negatives, this is the only type of bra that I wear out of the house. I feel really comfortable in it and I think most nursing mothers would too--just be sure to measure yourself before ordering as I ordered a size too small and need to use a bra-back extender (available cheap at any craft/fabric store.)

Now I just need to find a bra which is more low cut for my sexier outfits and I'll be set... wait, do I even have sexy outfits anymore?? :P

EDIT: I neglected to mention one of my favorite features of this bra: the bra straps are tightened and loosened from the front, rather than the back. Genius! I wish all bras were made this way!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Extra 20% Off of Sale Items at Gap.com through March 27

Just passing along a coupon code for an extra 20% sale items at the
this weekend! I'm using this as an opportunity to get out of my maternity clothes and into some nice new nursing tops. And, there's great baby and kids gear on sale too.

Enter L1CMBXQ7VQG1 at checkout and you're good to go!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Store Review: Woodbury Common Outlets in Central Valley has no Maternity!

The Center in Central Valley is a nice day trip at just under an hour and a half driving from south Queens. You can usually find some great deals at stores from the Gap to Coach, but apparently none of the stores at Woodbury carry maternity clothing!

Ugh, I'm headed there this Sunday with cousins and I really wanted to buy a pair of leggings for fall layering (a necessity to extend the life of your summer dresses) and some pantyhose for the wedding I'm going to next week. I'm certain to have fun browsing through purses, shoes and housewares, but I'm just kind of bummed I won't be able to get my stockings--and no way am I squeezing into non-maternity hose!

Sigh. Just a heads-up for you mamas heading up to Woodbury. You'll be able to get some cute accessories--and maybe even purchase some larger sizes or some empire-waisted styles to supplement your wardrobe--but you won't be able to buy anything specifically made for maternity.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Review: Pea in a Pod Sleeveless Babydoll Cocktail Dress

I've finally found it: the perfect maternity cocktail dress! Sure, at $128 its a little bit more than what I wanted to spend on maternity clothes, but it is so cute and versatile that it'll be worth the dough. I plan to wear it to a fall wedding, a 50th birthday party, my shower, and even to work.

The dress is made out of a silk chiffon fabric, which I like so much better than the unforgiving and cheapish feeling poly/spandex that so many maternity dresses are made of. Seriously, why aren't more maternity dresses made out of real fabrics? I think some designers mistake the temporary nature of maternity clothing for it being disposable. Just because we're pregnant doesn't mean we want to look like we've lost all fashion sense.

In any case, I love this dress because it can be dressed up with jewelry and heels or dressed down with a work-friendly sweater. Its also sophisticated and pretty without revealing a lot up top or on bottom, and yet, it isn't overly long and dowdy (again, being pregnant doesn't automatically make you a sucker for mumus.)

For Queens Mamas, you can order this dress online or pop into Destination Maternity or Macy's in Manhattan or Macy's in Manhassett (unfortunately, there aren't Pea in a Pod retailers in Queens proper).

FYI: The dress' attached slip is tighter than the fabric overlay. I had to purchase a size Large as I'm entering the third trimester of my pregnancy and I only had a bit more room left in the Medium's slip. If you're smaller up top, though, you might want to purchase the Medium and have a tailor work his magic on the slip!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Navy Maternity

At six months pregnant this Friday, the time has finally come for me to add some moderately-priced fall maternity clothing to my wardrobe! Yesterday I popped into one of the few Old Navy's in our area that has a maternity section and found some great shirts on sale, specifically these:

$9.90 $10.00

I'm wearing the green shirt today and it is oh-so-comfy and cute. The website has even cuter stuff including a $25 dress that is perfect for an October wedding I will be attending (I'm in love with the fact that it has sleeves to cover my plumped up pregnant arms) and the elusive maternity coat, available in plum or gray, priced at only $34.50 (compare that to over $100 at Pea in a Pod!) :

$25.00 $34.50

I do advise against any of Old Navy's elastic-waist pants, however. I tried on a pair in-store and they are just darn uncomfortable! You're better off with the , which are similar to styles.

Check it out! Click here for locations of Old Navy's that stock maternity clothes in and around Queens: .

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Product Review: Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Belly(tm) Poplin Convertible Pants

Here it finally is, my love letter to the (that's a mouthful!) These pants have been my savior over the last few weeks. The Secret Fit Belly is extremely comfortable pulled up our folded down and I really like the convertible cargo capri to long pants style (you never know when those pregnancy hormones are gonna make you hot or cold.) They also make my ever-growing butt look cuter and smaller (awesome) and are a nice enough material to wear to work in a not-too-formal office environment.

While $40 bucks a pop may seem like a lot of money, you'll really get your money's worth if you're like me and wear the pants every other day. Seriously, when I visited the maternity clothing mother ship, in Manhattan, and my two pairs of pants rang up to about $80, I almost cried. But I was a desperate woman with no pants and now I am comfy all the time in the Secret Fit Belly.

A word of warning: Just like Motherhood's tummy sleeve, the secret fit belly material will snag on jagged fingernails and the like and start to unravel if you do not wash the pants carefully. Keep those nails filed and wash the pants on gentle/cold and you'll be OK. You can even throw the pants in the drier on medium and they won't shrink (but the black pants will get ridiculously fuzzy.)

Enjoy the style and comfort!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Product Review: Motherhood Maternity's Tummy Sleeve

A couple of weeks ago I bought the from their store in the Queens Center Mall. I had been loving it because it allows me to leave my too-tight jeans unbuttoned (or semi unbuttoned using the hair-tie through your buttonhole method). And, at about $17, it was $10 cheaper than the coveted Ingrid & Isabel .

Yesterday, however, I noticed a little string hanging suspiciously from the band. Upon further inspection, I found out the whole dang hem of the sleeve was coming out after only 4 wears and zero washes!

I do have another, similarly worn, never washed, Tummy Sleeve that is still intact, but I've got to do a little bit of investigating to find the product that will give the best bang for the buck. Once I receive my Belly Band in the mail (sadly, it seems that nobody in Queens carries it, but you can buy it through , and others for around $26), I'll wear the heck out of the thing and give you the down-low.

And, don't worry remaining Motherhood Tummy Sleeve, maybe you'll surprise me and live a long life. Maybe Tummy Sleeve numero uno was a bad apple.